I https://bonanza.com/listings/Mrs-Thinsters-Meyer-Lemon-Cookie-Thin-16-oz/697825990 love to bake and probably inherited this fascination from my mother. Our tract home mrs thinsters meyer lemon cookie thin kitchen was tiny, consequently tiny that if I turned roughly quickly, I hit something. My mother had no counter space, just a little kitchen table in the corner, still she managed to bake cakes, cookies, and quick breads from scratch. every recipe was made when love. as soon as my daughters were tiny I continued this tradition and baked cookies every week. Sometimes I backed two kinds. Refilling the cookie jar was delightful and my associates loved them. even though I don't bake cookies agreed much these days, there are era afterward the urge comes higher than me. Today is one of those days. I wanted a simple cookie, something that would taste good alone in the manner of a mug of coffee or lively fruit. Lemon is the ventilate that came into my mind immediately. Whether I squeeze it on fish, or build up zest to pasta, or incorporate it in sauces, lemon is one of my favorite flavors. Fortunately, I had a fat, juicy lemon on hand.
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